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The right strategy, the right processes and the best tools for your international Digital Marketing. For more reach, more revenue and more efficiency. Across markets.

The Challenges Of Digital Marketing Internationalization

For companies of any size, managing digital marketing on a multi-national level comes with unique challenges.

On the one hand the company has to cater to local requirements and consumer needs and behaviours. On the other hand the company has to ensure a consistent brand presence and leverage synergies and efficiencies of scale.
Key questions may be (among others):

  • Centralization vs. localization: What does the global headquarter provide its markets (e.g. technologies, assets)?
  • How can it safeguard that international services and assets are being effectively adapted and used?
  • How can it ensure the implementation of new tools even in remote markets?
  • Which KPIs are useful to steer markets? What can be measured and aggregated to meaningful metrics in global dashboards and reports?

Global Marketing Strategies For Online Marketing

I help your organization to develop strategies and concepts and plan (and lead) projects to build and scale your international digital marketing efforts. I support in evaluating and optimizing existing processes and systems.

This may also mean introducing new tools to improve the communication and collaboration across markets.

I help you to set up and optimize your Digital Marketing:

  • For a consistent brand presence (across all touchpoints)
  • For efficient processes in a complex organizational setup
  • For the goal-oriented collaboration of local market and global headquarter
  • For more revenue, more reach and more success across markets

Let’s talk about the challenges of your global digital marketing…

Let’s discuss ideas, challenges, opportunities. Over coffee or on the phone. At no charge.


Global Steering

Strategies, Goals & KPIs

  • Definition of measurable KPIs that help steer market activity
  • Selection of systems to aggregate KPIs in global dashboards and reports
  • Help in finding the right service providers and measurement solutions

Tool & Provider Selection

Marketing Technologies & Services

  • Support in the selection of global systems, tools and services: CMS, CRM, newsletter management, web-analytics etc.
  • Definition of requirements, managing the selection process
  • Planning the implementation process and training
  • Pitch support, briefing and steering of service providers
  • Selecting and managing translation providers

Strategy and technology adaptation

Support Local Market

  • Support of the local affiliate in adapting global strategy
  • Development of local strategy in alignment with global mandatories
  • Help in adaptation of global systems and processes
  • Consultancy in decision process (global technologies vs. local solutions)
International Management

Processes, Organization, Communication

  • Definition of global/local responsibilities
  • Improving collaboration and communication through relevant tools and processes
  • Creation of global Content Marketing strategies and processes
  • Planning and managing roll-outs
  • Internationalization of Social Media Channels (Facebook, Twitter etc.)
  • Designing governance processes
  • Creation of guidelines to ensure consistency in brand presentation
  • Concept development for global Digital Marketing or tool trainings

Website Concept & Roll-Out

Website Internationalization

  • Concept creation for international websites (multilingual versions or localized mastersites)
  • Briefing and steering or service providers (Agencies, IT)
  • Selection and integration of Translation services

So how might I be able to help you?

Let’s have a conversation. Let’s discuss ideas, challenges, opportunities. At no charge.

About Me

I have been responsible for managing the global Digital Marketing of the leading skincare brand NIVEA for many years. As the Head of Digital Marketing I have gained extensive experience in the setup and strategic steering of global online marketing.
I have led the strategy across more than 60 markets and I have overseen the execution and optimization of key marketing initiatives worldwide (e.g. relaunch and roll-out of global brand websites).

As an independent strategy consultant I help companies and brands setup, grow and optimize their digital marketing. Find out more about me on my profile page.

Matthias Ihnken
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+49 1523 310 2470

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