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To build, grow and optimize your digital marketing

My name is Matthias Ihnken. I am an expert in Digital Marketing strategy, helping companies to digitally transform their Marketing & Sales. From setting the right foundations in strategy and organization to driving change and innovation across the marketing teams.

With several years of experience in leading the global digital strategy of the world’s finest skincare brand NIVEA, I combine brand strategy, creativity, analytical thinking and technical expertise.
To help you, your marketing team and your brand become digital genius.

Is Digital Marketing within your company still a “Black Box”?

Do you lack transparency about KPIs and real performance?

Are you looking for the ideal internal setup? Or a new agency?

If you are dealing with these or similar issues, let’s have a conversation…

Let’s sit down for a coffee. Or simply have a call. To identify your most challenging questions and what can be done to answer them. At no charge.

Digital Strategy

Integrating Digital into the overall marketing strategy with a roadmap of prioritized initiatives

Objectives & KPIs

Digital marketing objectives and key performance indicators aligned with business goals 

Ecosystem & Touchpoints

From Facebook Ad to Website to Newsletters… an ecosystem of touchpoints defined along the Consumer Journey

Organization & Capabilities

The right skillsets in the right setup, breaking down organizational silos to accelerate digital integration. Increasing digital capabilities and know-how across marketing 

Technology & Processes

Integrating marketing technology to support and automate processes, based on marketing teams needs rather than technological possibilities

Global Digital Marketing


With an extensive experience in global Digital Marketing I help build and optimize digital initiatives & organization across markets

Independent – for unbiased advice you can trust

Strategic – to look beyond tactical quick fixes

Corporate experience – to understand business needs and processes

How I help…

Advisory & Coaching

Digital Marketing Sparring

Ongoing engagement to flexibly address the challenges of your marketing. Deepdive into topics and support as needed. Helping you in taking Digital Marketing to the next level.

Strategic Analysis & Concepts

Consultancy Projects

Solving specific challenges, supporting in a pitch, re-prioritizing projects, establishing KPIs and measurement. 



Want to get more in-depth know-how on a specific Digital Marketing topic? Want to grow your team’s skillset and expertise? I provide custom training for small groups or support in shaping a more long-term training & development program with professional partners.

So how might I be able to help you?

Let’s have a conversation. Let’s discuss ideas, challenges, opportunities. At no charge.

About Me

I have been responsible for managing the global Digital Marketing of the leading skincare brand NIVEA for many years. As the Head of Digital Marketing I have gained extensive experience in the setup and strategic steering of global online marketing.
I have led the strategy across more than 60 markets and I have overseen the execution and optimization of key marketing initiatives worldwide (e.g. relaunch and roll-out of global brand websites).
As an independent strategy consultant I help companies and brands setup, grow and optimize their digital marketing. Find out more about me on my profile page.

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Matthias Ihnken
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