I help marketing leaders to drive the digital transformation across their global/local market teams. Get independent advice and support on strategy, organization, tech and customer experience.

The challenges of Digital Marketing internationalization

For companies of any size, managing Digital Marketing on a multi-national level comes with unique challenges.

  • Centralization vs. localization: What does the global headquarter provide its markets (e.g. technologies, content, campaigns)?
  • How can it safeguard that international services and assets are being effectively adapted and used?
  • How can it ensure the implementation of new tools even in remote markets?
  • Which KPIs are useful to steer markets? What can be measured and aggregated to meaningful metrics in global dashboards and reports?

I help you set up and optimize your Digital Marketing, so that you:

  • understand local market needs and deliver the right support & guidance
  • track local market performance & act on results
  • create real savings & speed up processes through central services and standards
  • provide technology to empower local teams (not limit them)
  • ensure a consistent brand presence – everywhere
  • help market teams focus on what they can do best: Understand, reach and engage the local consumer

Let’s have a conversation

Let’s discuss ideas, challenges, opportunities. Over coffee or on the phone. At no charge.

How I help

Whether you are dealing with a handful of markets in Europe or truly managing a brand globally, I help you and your organization improve its Digital Marketing impact through:

  • Individual coaching & sparring
  • Strategic concepts
  • Team workshops
  • Management support
Global Governance

Strategies & Organization

  • Review of global internationalization status and opportunities
  • Analysis of markets and marketing requirements through a Local Market Maturity Analysis
  • Roadmap and priorization of international projects
  • Definition of global/local responsibilities
  • Designing governance processes and guidelines to ensure consistency in brand presentation
  • Definition of measurable KPIs that help steer market activity
  • Selection of service providers to establish measurement and dashboard solutions

Tool & Provider Selection

Marketing Technologies & Services

  • Selection of global systems, tools and services: CMS, CRM, Translation Management, web-analytics etc.
  • Definition of requirements, managing the selection process
  • Planning the implementation process and training
  • Providing pitch support, briefing and steering of service providers
International Management

Processes, Communication & Capabilities

  • Improving collaboration and communication through relevant tools and processes
  • Creation of global Content Marketing strategies and processes
  • Internationalization of Social Media Channels (Facebook, Twitter etc.)
  • Development or training programs for local and global teams

Website Concept & Roll-Out

Website Internationalization

  • Concept creation for international websites (multilingual versions or localized mastersites)
  • Support for pitch, briefing and management of service providers (Agencies, IT)

Strategy & technology adaptation

Support Local Market

  • Support of the local affiliate in adapting global strategy
  • Development of local strategy in alignment with global mandatories
  • Help in adaptation of global systems and processes
  • Consultancy in decision process (global technologies vs. local solutions)

So how might I be able to help you?

Let’s have a conversation. Let’s discuss ideas, challenges, opportunities. At no charge.

About Me

I have been responsible for managing the global Digital Marketing of the leading skincare brand NIVEA for many years. As the Head of Digital Marketing I have gained extensive experience in the setup and strategic steering of global online marketing.
I have led the strategy across more than 60 markets and I have overseen the execution and optimization of key marketing initiatives worldwide (e.g. relaunch and roll-out of global brand websites).

As an independent strategy consultant I help companies and brands setup, grow and optimize their digital marketing. Find out more about me on my profile page.

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